The Paw-works

Canine and feline courses for pet owners and professionals 

With over 40 years of experience of owning and breeding both dogs and cats, we have designed a number of courses which are aimed at either,
First time pet owners who want the confidence to make the right choices when choosing their pet, our Ready Steady courses help you prepare for your new arrival and for puppies bridge the gap between bringing your puppy home and starting puppy classes, 
Pet owners and pet professionals wanting to lean about what to do in and emergency 
First time or novice breeders wanting to improve their breeding knowledge and skills.

Our Courses

Access hours of amazing, in-depth courses, everything you need to know about canine breeding down load useful tools and information packs.

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From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

In Person Courses

Join one of our Live in person courses, for fun and interactive learning.

About us

Jan Whiffin

I am an accomplished trainer and NVQ assessor, working many years in the catering industry training both craft and systems skills. Along with husband Dave I own 2 springer and 2 clumber spaniels, Stiegl (in the picture) was bred by Jo, he's our Stud dog and is a 3 times Crufts qualifier. I now run the Paw-works offering small mammal microchipping and pregnancy ultrasound in south Cambridgeshire. I also have e diploma in canine health and nutrition and a canine first-aid trainer. As well as working my spaniels, we've also tried our paws at a number of dog sports including agility, flyball and scentwork.

Jo Prentice

I've owned dogs since 1988, bred Canadian champions and Crufts qualifiers.  I've helped and advised many people on breeding their dogs, whelping and puppy rearing, as well as working in rescue for bull breeds and English springer spaniels. I have a wealth of experience breeding and rearing  terriers, gundogs and pedigree cats. I currently own 3 clumber spaniels including Stiegl's Mum and half brother. Over the years I have experienced the best and worst of breeders and now want to help people avoid the mistakes I have made. I am also trained in pet pregnancy ultrasound and canine first-aid.


I’ve just completed the paw-works on line first aid course! Even if you are just a caring dog owner and don’t want to be a first aider, the helpful tips and advice on how to prevent or recognise conditions such as bloat, poisoning, heatstroke or hypothermia make this course worth every penny. It’s so easy to follow and understand and arms you with information that’ll help keep your dog safe.
Carmela Clark

 As a Dog Behaviour and Training Professional, I am always on the lookout for suitable and useful resources for my clients as well as furthering my own knowledge. Today I took the Paw-Works First Aid Course and was very impressed with the content and will recommend that anyone with a dog, who would like to know how to deal with an emergency take this course.
Freya Locke

 As first time breeders we were looking for a course we could understand. Just completed the Foundations of healthy breeding course. Very helpful and easy to understand. The printed off lessons are a great asset to refer back to. Highly Recommended
Rodger Birchenough